Guardians of Phoenix

TV Series

Guardians of Phoenix

At a time when the world is ruled by an evil enemy named Farasiak and humankind is about to be annihilated, a group of Quantum scientists is secretly trying to time travel to the past and find the only version of a book that can help them defeat their enemy and save humans. Eni and Hannah are time travelers who can travel through time because of their unique qualities.

In this wonderful journey, they meet a boy named Arsin who found a Phoenix egg (a bird from old legends). They realize Arsin, without him even knowing, is a Phoenix Guardian, and he has to protect the Phoenix.

Now, Hannah, Eni, and Arsin are on this journey together to defend the evil Farasiak.


0 Episodes
22 min
Digital 2D
,FHD 1080p 16:9
Stereo 48000

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