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The small bubble town is located Under the blue oceans. A city whose inhabitants are very obsessive and clean and being dirty is a nightmare for them. "Mr. Alga" has a cleaning service company in this city that helps residents with their cleaning challenges.

Wherever and whenever, someone needs their service, that is, to eliminate pollution, his group is ready to go as soon as possible. A group of four led by "Skaty."

On the other side, the evil "clownfish," a mad chemist who aims to destroy and pollute all the world's waters, is conducting his initial research on this submarine city, and this city has become a kind of clownfish laboratory.

A laboratory in which a clown creates dangerous and damaging chemical compounds whose job is to create pollution and kill the people of the bubble city.


0 Episodes
15 min
Digital 2D
4K 1080p 16:9
Dolby, 5.1

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